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Things to do before 2020
What’s up next?
bucket list
Please don’t tell this to anyone.. This list got stolenfrom an idiot I knew. Any problems?
  • 01.Find the one and only girl I’ll spend my entire life with
  • May 9, 2020.Have the courage to tell the girl I like that I like her
  • 03.Ditch my wedding, and travel somewhere instead
  • 04.Visit all 14 Syrian governorates
  • 05.Record a documentary about some part of my life
  • Nov 12, 2018.Get my work nominated for Website Of The Day
  • 08.Own my first Website Of The Month
  • 09.Own my first Website Of The Year
  • 10.Be Designer Of The Year
  • 11.Teach 20 homeless how to code and change their lives
  • 12.Visit the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Sep 20, 2017.Watch Harry Potter’s movies all at once without sleeping
  • Sep 21, 2018.Have a pet
  • 15.Have a monkey
  • 16.Have a baby lion
  • 17.Play with a baby panda
  • Mar 23, 2016.30 day doodle to illustrator
  • Oct 31, 2017.Do Inktober drawing challenge
  • 20.Read the license for all the softwares I usually use
  • 21.Devote a one day to help random people from the street
  • 22.Publish a book
  • 23.Write a one paper song
  • 24.Watch Game of Thrones
  • 25.Learn how to play an instrument
  • 26.Play an instrument in the street
  • 27.Ride a four wheelers in the desert
  • 28.Catch-up 50 fish all by myself
  • 29.Work in a zoo as a zoo keeper
  • 30.Live in a treehouse for 6 months
  • 31.Rent a boat for a one day with my future wife all alone in a river
  • 32.Visit Disneyland with my future daughter
  • 33.Visit Switzerland
  • 34.Visit La Villa Sola Cabiati in Italy
  • 35.Master chess
  • 36.Monthly donate to an animal shelter
  • Apr 22, 2018.Win Startup Weekend 1st place
  • 38.Face a fear
  • 39.Go to a major festival in China
  • 40.Go on a hike
  • 41.Skydiving
  • 42.Bungee jumping
  • 43.Cave diving
  • 44.Spend a night on the beach
  • 45.Send a message in a bottle over the sea
  • 46.Eat a pizza in Italy
  • 47.Take a walk through Italy
  • 48.Speak Italian fluently
  • 49.Speak 4 International languages fluently
  • 50.Hold a real gun
  • 51.Have a paintball fight with friends
  • 52.Start and achieve a 365 Day Happiness Challenge
  • 53.Travel the world with someone I love
  • 54.Ride a jetski
  • 55.Have a vacation in Cordova
  • 56.Visit the Walk of Fame
  • 57.Visit the Breaking Room!
  • 58.Visit all 7 continents in one year
  • 59.Attend a live music concert
  • 60.Learn self defense
  • 61.Watch 100 Hindi movies
  • 62.Watch a full boring football game
  • 63.Make delicious food to feed myself each day
  • 64.Work in a restaurant.. McDonalds?
  • 65.Sell food in the street
  • 66.Travel first class
  • 67.Marry the love of my life
  • 68.Start a startup idea that sounds like a stupid idea.. But turns to be a successful business
  • 69.Solve a Rubik’s cube
  • 70.Learn how to ride a horse
  • 71.Learn how to shoot with an arc
  • 72.Have a couple of arc shots while riding a horse
  • 73.Touch a dolphin
  • 74.Build something using the Lego blocks
  • 75.Wear a bear costume and hug random people from the street
  • 76.Practice Kung Fu or Aikido
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About Jumbo
并且任职于一家互联网公司的 iOS开发工程师
有幸在中国首都 北京生活3年,并于2018年单枪匹马赴 深圳
任职期间主要负责公司 iOS-SDK的开发工作
其他时间学习和实践我知识范畴以外的技术,并总结记录发表我的技术博客 My blog
比如这个网站,一个 gulp项目涉及: NodeJs、Gulp、Html、JavaScript、CSS、Pug ...
对后端:Nodejs、Go、Serverless 前端的:Vue、React 非关系数据库:MongoDB等也非常感兴趣
做一款品控成功的基于Go微服务+MongoDB+Vue-Admin+Swift的 iOS 移动端产品
Github 的重度使用者,感谢 Github Actions 让我节省了很多工作
iOS OC、Swift5.* Cocoa Foundation UIKit Runtime GCD SQL Runloop
Other Node.js HTML JavaScript Vue Go Lua Shell HTTP/TCP Socket
Tools Xcode VSCode CocosCreator Postman Git Npm Yarn gulp Goland
有趣的 是我有一个机械制造与自动化的学位证书 :)
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技术博客: itzhangbao.com/blog
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